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Examples of our Aircraft upholstery.

Being so close to Exeter Airport we are frequently asked to carry out repairs. Whether this is to replace seats, carpets or trim panel work that belong to local flying clubs, flying schools and the smaller airlines. In the past few months we have re-manufactured, re-trimmed panels and made seat repairs on two Piper Warriors and renewed the seats of a Cessna 150.

Cessna 150 replacement seats.

This is a job we carried out in September 2006. The seats on this privately-owned Cessna 150 had been re-upholstered at various times over the last 30 years. Our brief was to replace the old covers on both seat squabs and back with new vinyl covers. We did this in a lighter shade than previous colours with contrasting piping and also to supplement the original sagging foam. The total cost for materials and labour came to under £450.

The old Cessna 150 seatsThe new seats in the Cessna 150The finished Cessna 150 seatsDetail of the new Cessna 150 seats

Piper Warrior Interior Trim Panels.

The photo below shows the interior of a Piper Warrior PA28, belonging to Flightpass in Exeter. Our customer had the most common problem that usually occurs to 20-30 year old aircraft, rotten interior panels. The solution was to use the remnants of the existing 6 cardboard trim panels as patterns. We used them to make up new ones in thin aluminium. A local fibreglass specialist re-made the window trims, which we also then covered in vinyl. These were then covered with a thin skim of foam, covered with new vinyl and carpet trimming. While we did this job we replaced the carpets to match the new look. Fortunately this job was done at the same time that the aircraft was undergoing a major service, therefore there was no additional down time. The total cost for the work carried out on this Piper Warrior came under £1100.

New interior trim panels to the Piper Warrior